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Hello fellow Ravenclaw's and welcome to your common room! Relax, talk about HP, and just have fun!

~Professor Rae

I'm in Ravenclaw!

I'm in Ravenclaw!


* Spamming IS allowed, but it must be HP related and please use LJ-cut (Please also use a cut for SPOILERS).

* STAY ON TOPIC! This is a community for Ravenclaw, and other HP related chat. Talking about the latest Sterophonics concert is just stupid...

* Co-Moderators are being considered. If you are interested, please email me at the email adress provided, or at my LJ ccnz. Please give me a good reason why you would like this job. If you do nothing, or leave the community, your privilleges will be revoked.

Not following the stated above will result in deletion. Thank you for reading this :)

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